The Game-Changing Impact of Mouth Tape

The hack athletes & higher-performers have been using to elevate their sleep:

Mouth Tape

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Here's why we were converted and why you should try for yourself and see what the hype is all about.

Mouth Breathing Is Ruining Your Sleep and Health

Did you know that mouth breathing can drastically affect your sleep quality and overall health? By disrupting the natural balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body, it can lead to poor sleep, increased stress, and lower daily energy levels. Dr. James Nestor wrote a book on how striclty mouth breathing almost killed him!

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Backed by Science

Mouth tape & nasal breathing isn’t just another wellness fad. It's grounded in solid scientific research, proven to improve sleep by enhancing your breathing quality. See the studies and learn more behind the science on why this simple change can make a monumental difference in your life.

Sleep Better, Perform Better

Loved by Athletes

From marathon runners to basketball players & Olympians, top athletes rely on mouth tape to ensure high quality, game changing restorative sleep they need for peak performance. A number of athletes also corporate into their cardio and aerobic routines to maximize training benefits. They trust Sport Sleep to aid this crucial part of their training and nighttime routine to enhance recovery and boost daily performance.

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Crafted from the Highest Quality Materials

Designed for ultimate comfort and efficacy, our mouth tape is made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade materials that are gentle yet hold strong all night. Its high-quality build ensures durability and comfort, making it the best choice for a peaceful night's sleep. Feel the difference every night with a product that’s as gentle on your skin as it is effective at enhancing your sleep.

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Best Sleep of Your Life: Transform Your Nights and Days

Imagine waking up feeling more refreshed than ever before. Achieving the deepest, longest REM sleep of your life, your body and mind feeling rejuvenate completely. Transforming your nights can dramatically improve your days. And it all starts here. Nasal breathing is the key to unlock this.

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30-Day Sleep Guarantee: Your Satisfaction, Promised

Try our mouth tape risk-free for 30 days (that's how confident we are). If you don't experience the best sleep of your life or see the health benefits we've promised, we'll give you a full refund. There's absolutely no risk in trying to elevate your sleep.

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