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Sport Sleep Mouth Tape is designed for comfort and performance.

Thoughtfully crafted from real Bamboo.

Built by athletes, for everyone.

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Are you a mouth breather 😵?

Are You in the 61%?

It's time to wake-up! Mouth breathing is just as bad for your health and performance, as it is for your looks. It reduces oxygenation, disturbs sleep, causes dry mouth, weakens your facial structure and more...

But still, 61% of American adults are mouth breathers. Don't be a mouth breather. Join the Sport Sleep Community of high-performers, athletes, and conscientious breathers.

  • Science-Backed

    Rooted in clinical evidence

  • Made for Comfort

    Designed for comfort and performance.

  • Safe & Easy

    Safe to use - simple and easy to wear and remove

Small Habits, Outsized Returns.

When you transition from mouth to nose breathing, you unlock a multitude of benefits: improved oxygenation, reduced allergens, enhanced REM sleep, a more defined jawline, boosted immunity, and more! Experience these benefits effortlessly and naturally as you sleep.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Wondering, "is this for me?" amidst the buzz around the nasal breathing revolution and Sport/Sleep Tape is normal.

Nasal breathing has helped us and others sleep and perform better. We believe it can help you too. We back this up with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Nothing to Lose - Sleep Better Today

Best Sleep Ever.

Before the big game. Before the big presentation.

For better sleep and more energy. For yourself, and your partner.

Find the perfect Sport Sleep plan for your needs.

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Who is this for?

Sport/Sleep Comfort Tape is for everyone, but it's particularly beneficial for athletes and everyday people looking to improve their quality of life and sleep, perform better, and snore less! Learn more about the nasal breathing revolution by heading over to the benefits page.

What if I'm congested?

It might seem counterintuitive, but nasal breathing can naturally alleviate a stuffy nose. Mouth breathing can actually exacerbate congestion by increasing mucus production and causing airway constriction.

How does it work?

Sport/Sleep Comfort Tape works by gently sealing your lips, encouraging you to breathe through your nose. This promotes better, more peaceful sleep for both you and your partner (or anyone else within earshot).

Is it safe?

Everyone is unique and all bodies are different. Our bodies are naturally designed to breathe through the nose. Sport/Sleep Tape simply facilitates this natural process. Check out The Benefit and The Science section for expert insights on the drawbacks of mouth breathing.

Why not just use duct or medical tape?

Oh duct tape - we have all been there! If you're feeling adventurous, go ahead! But be warned, it might leave you with ripped lips and sticky residue.

While medical tape is an option, many find it doesn't hold strong enough and can be uncomfortable, especially for those with facial hair. It can also be a hassle to apply and remove. That's why we specifically designed Sport/Sleep Tape.

What if I have facial hair?

Unlike most tapes, Sport/Sleep Tape is designed to adhere firmly even over facial hair. Bearded users have loved our product. For BIG beards, a big of beard balm can alleviate the facial hair tug.

How do I get started?

Visit our Buy Now page for pricing details. We offer flexible yearly and quarterly subscriptions that you can pause or cancel anytime. If you're not ready to commit, try our 30-day one-time purchase option.

How will this affect my relationships?

While we can't guarantee a solution to all relationship issues, Sport/Sleep Tape can certainly help reduce snoring and sleep-related irritability, which are common causes of disputes (snoring is the third most attributed factor to divorce!)

Why is is called Sport / Sleep tape?

We wanted a name that captures the embodies the benefits of our product – enhancing athletic performance and improving sleep. We want to help lead the revolution in corrective and nasal breathing.

Will it make me look better?

Regular nasal breathing has demonstrated the ability help shape the facial structure, potentially leading to a more defined jawline and improved facial aesthetics.

How do I remove it?

The removal process is easy. All you have to do is peel it off when you are ready. Our tape is STRONG. If you have slept in it over night, we recommend washing your face wish water/cleanser once you remove. Most of our athletes/users do this, implementing it into their morning routine.